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Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Willliamsburg, VA


New Town Dental Arts has several patients that we have had the pleasure of working with to help their smile and improve their overall dental health.

We are going to feature some of those makeovers to show what great results were achieved.

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Kristen had a “deep bite”, which could wear and damage her front teeth over time. She also was crowded in the lower front. Invisalign and whitening corrected both the crowding and the bite and with a little whitening, she now has the smile she always wanted!




Fernando had crowding and an “open bite” in the front. Invisalign and whitening was all he needed to achieve a beautiful new smile!




Anna had had crowns placed on her four upper front teeth many years ago in an effort to improve her smile. That treatment had begun to show signs of wear and had stained, and she was ready to look at “the whole picture”. Invisalign orthodontic treatment corrected her crowding and gave her a healthier, more stable bite. ZOOM whitening brightened her smile and beautiful, updated ceramic crowns completed her new look. 


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