Digital impressions with an iTero Element scanner

We are happy to announce our new iTero scanner.

Who remembers the goop and gagging of the old way to take impressions? No more in our practice. New Town Dental Arts of Williamsburg is the first practice in Williamsburg to use the new iTero Element scanner to take digital impressions of your teeth, a process that does NOT include X-ray radiation. Adults and children alike prefer the more comfortable digital impression process.

iTero Element Scanner at New Town Dental Arts

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Advantages of the iTero Element scanner

It’s accurate. It produces the most accurate dental records because it eliminates errors caused by patient movement, removal of impression, or disinfection.

It’s faster. Digital impressions are e-mailed to Invisalign or the lab, rather than sent by snail mail. This allows us to deliver your appliances, crowns, bridges, Invisalign aligners faster.

It’s cleaner. The scanner creates a digital impression of your teeth and jaw without the use of any traditional impression materials, eliminating the need for teeth cleaning afterwards.

It’s real-time. You can view your impressions on a computer screen immediately, as well as a model of what your smile will look like at the end of the treatment.

It’s comfortable. Because we put nothing in your mouth but a small digital scanner, you can breathe and swallow comfortably.

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